Sunday, June 19, 2011

You ain't seen nothin' yet

I wish I could capture the look on Biscuit's face when he's basically thinking, "Who are you people, and where are my REAL parents?!?"

Jeff and I get to reminiscing sometimes about our childhood TV shows or cartoons or songs or books or whatever. And of course that leads to singing theme songs or quoting characters or reciting memorized passages.

And all of this leads Biscuit to look at us like we've lost our ever-loving minds!

Tonight, on the way home from dinner, something reminded Jeff and me of "School House Rocks." Then came this ...

"Reginald was home with the flu, uh-uh-hunh.
The doctor knew just what to do-oo.
He cured the infection, with one small injection
While Reginald hollered out INTERJECTIONS!"

"Hey! That smarts!
Ouch! That hurts!
Yow! That's not fair givin' a guy a shot down there!"

Sometimes Biscuit will say, "No singing, Mom and Dad. No more singing."

He has no idea. Wait until he's a teenager going out with a pretty girl, and we show up in the movie theater to sit behind him. THEN we'll see what he has to say!


Her Hollyness said...

you let me know when you're ready to borrow my 'schoolhouse rocks' dvds so you can git that boy edumacated!

Kimmy said...

Borrow nothing! I had the full set on VHS, and now I have it on DVD. We're good to go.

Kelly said...

Ella tells me not to sing, too. Sometimes, she tells me not to sing with my head (meaning I shouldn't bob my head to the beat).