Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pool time

When I took Biscuit out to play in his pool this morning, the water was still pretty cold. Plus, I set it up in the shade, so there was no sun to heat it up. He never did get completely wet. I got a couple of pictures of him where you can tell he was surprised by the cold water splashing on him.

Also, on the video, it sounds like we have an 8-lane super-highway behind our house. It's just a small two-lane road, but for some reason, it was really busy while we were out this morning, and you can hear it on the video.

Then, to add to that, the people across the street from us were having their house pressure washed, and Biscuit didn't like it. He kept saying that the guy doing the work better not come in our house. At one point, he said, "Don't. Come. In. Our. House. Or I'll huff and puff and blow your house DOWN!"

Not sure what that was about, but here are a couple of videos I took of pool time.

I am sad to announce that Biscuit is starting to act like ... a BOY! He's getting rougher and rougher on his toys. All his cars crash into each other all the time. Anything he can hold, he will throw. And he and his day care classmates are making all these awful nonsense noises. He's so articulate with his words, but it's a copycat thing that's making me nuts.

Witness the craziness ...

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