Sunday, June 26, 2011

All police, all the time

I called Biscuit into our bedroom earlier to change his diaper. I heard the cliched pitter-patter of little feet as he ran toward me. Then the footsteps stopped.

I looked at the doorway to our bedroom, and I could only see half of Biscuit. While holding his toy drill in his hands, he slowly peeped around the corner with the drill raised up to chest level. I stared at h
im for a few seconds before he came tip-toeing into the room.

Then it hit me. He was playing police officer, and he was checking the room for bad guys.

All of a sudden,
Biscuit pointed his drill toward the master bathroom and said, "Purr. Purr. Purr."

Then he lowered his weapon or in this case, drill, and he said, "You want to purr with me, Mom?"

"What is purr?" I asked him.

To which he pointed
his drill at the bathroom again and yelled, "Purr! Purr! Purr!"

He never did give me a clear explanation, so I don't know if he is just copying something he's seen, or if he is actually pretending to shoot the bad guys. If you ask him what he's holding when he "purrs," he'll say, "It's a drill."

One friend of mine said that all little boys are born knowing how to make car sounds and guns. From pointing their fingers to pointing sticks to pointing drills, most little boys I know have been through the stage.

Biscuit is fascinated with everything police. And it doesn't matter if it's an actual police officer, sheriff's deputy or security guard. Anybody in uniform with a badge counts.

This is his latest automobile acquisition. We went into the drugstore to pick up a prescription, and he saw it. He doesn't ask for things a lot in stores, and when he saw it, he went nuts over it. "It's a peace car, Mom. See the peace car? I have the peace car, Dad? Dad, I have the peace car? We get it for me?"

We got it for him. And check out what state is on the door. It's New York State Police, an added bonus for Jeff, my New York boy.

I just have a feeling that on some Halloween in the near future, this is what Biscuit is going to look like.

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