Wednesday, June 29, 2011

All da-board

I'm not sure how we got so lucky, but we get the best hand-me-downs of any people I know -- clothes, toys, furniture, you name it.

Our newest acquisition is a train table. A friend of ours at work was getting rid of it because his son had outgrown it. Although, it sounded like his son struggled a bit with the decision to give it away.

Our friend brought his son with him, and he showed Biscuit the basics of playing with the trains and tracks and roundhouse (look at me knowing a train term without having to look it up).

I wasn't home yet when the teaching session took place, but it must have been a pretty good lesson. We haven't been able to pry Biscuit away from the table. And we had pizza for dinner!

Picture 1: Happy, happy, joy, joy!
Picture 2: Schroeder (aka "peeno boy") found his way onto the table, along with Biscuit's flashlight and some assorted cars and trucks.
Picture 3:
Getting your train ready for departure takes some serious concentration.

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