Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Random Stuff, Part 2

A few more recent tidbits:

My ball game: Biscuit loves going to baseball games. I've mentioned before that we have minor league team here in town, so we get to take him to games every couple of weeks during baseball season.

We had planned to go to a game last weekend, but we decided at the last minute not to go.
We didn't know it at the time, but Biscuit heard Jeff and me talking about it and had been excited about going to the game. When I explained to Biscuit why we weren't going, he really didn't care. All he knew was that we weren't going.

So he found a way to pay us back. As we left the house each morning last week to go to day care, Biscuit asked over and over and over and over again, "We go to ballgame today, Mom? We see baseball players?"

And I'd have to say, "Not today. We have to go to day care today, but we'll see a game again soon, okay?"

"O-o-o-o-okay," he'd say.

We took him to a ballgame this past Sunday. As you walk into the stadium, you walk up some stairs to the concourse, then you can look down onto the field. We walked up the stairs, and as we got to the top, Biscuit spread his arms out and yelled, "MY BALL GAME! WE AT MY BALL GAME!" What more could I expect of a kid that's half Jeff?!?

All bets on red: Biscuit is a creature of habit. And I know exactly where he got that from. That's me up and down. Routines are king for me, and I think he's following suit.

Jeff dropped Biscuit off at day care this morning, just in time for circle time. There's a big rug with colored spots on it. Each kid sits on a circle, and they sing songs and practice their Spanish, counting and other lessons. As Biscuit walked toward the carpet, he stopped and looked back and forth between his classmates and Jeff.

Finally, this little girl turned around and saw Biscuit. She looked down at the circle she was sitting on. Then she slid over to the next circle. Jeff looked at Biscuit's teacher to see what was going on.

"He has to have a red circle," his teacher said. "Everybody knows red is his color."

This little girl realized she was sitting on a red circle, so she moved over to a circle of another color so Biscuit could have a red spot. I don't know whether to be impressed that they know him so well or be horrified that they let him get away with it!

I'm so excited: Sometimes Biscuit will look at me (or sometimes Jeff), and he'll say, "I so excited, Mom." When I ask him why he's excited, he'll say, "I so excited about you, Mom. I love you." You can bet that'll turn a bad day around!

He's starting to get it: Biscuit and I were shopping the other day - diapers, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, cereal ... basically all the things I hate spending money on. He decided that he didn't want to ride in the buggy. So I told him that I'd let him walk, but only if he stayed right beside the buggy. He did great until we made our way around to the cosmetics area.

There were some car-shaped pinatas on the end of one of the aisles that Biscuit was very interested in, but I needed to get my shopping done.

Biscuit stomped his little feet, started crying and said, "Not THIS row, Mom. I want THAT row."

I picked him up and just stared at him for a minute until he calmed down. Then I asked him, "Biscuit, why are you crying?"

"Um, because I didn't get my way," he whined.

"Well, sometimes you don't get your way," I told him. "But pitching a fit is only going to make it worse. Why are you upset?"

"I want to see cars," he said. So I told him that if he would stay beside the buggy until I was done with my shopping, we'd go see the cars on the end of the aisle. He held up his end of the bargain. He was really good until I finished checking off my list, then we went to see the car pinatas, and all was right with the world.

When I was holding Biscuit and we were having our conversation, a woman about my age was walking down the row beside us. When I asked Biscuit why he was upset, and he said because he didn't get his way, she snorted to keep from laughing. As she rounded the end of the aisle, she just cracked up. That tells me that she's been there!


Her Hollyness said...

dude, 'i so excited about you, mom'? that's good stuff. wow. *i* got weepy when i read that!

jenrobburton said...

I've been wondering this season if Griffin thinks the stadium is cheering for HIM when they do the Biscuit strike-out promotion. All the fans usually start yelling, "Biscuit, biscuit, biscuit." He must love it! :)