Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Meeting Spider-Man

A friend of mine told me about a Spider-Man appearance at a local comic book store, so of course, I had to take Biscuit.

I picked Biscuit up at day care, then we came home and had sandwiches for dinner, then I changed Biscuit's diaper and clothes, and we headed to the car.

It's been so dry here, even though the forecast has called for isolated thunderstorms every day for the past week. So of course, as soon as we got in the car to go, the heavens opened, and it poured. And thunder rumbled. And lightning flashed.

Biscuit doesn't really even understand who or what Spider-Man is. He only knows Spider-Man from the hand-me-down shoes his cousin gave him. And when those wore out, we had to buy more. And he LOVES them. He asks to wear them every day, no matter what kind of clothes he has on.
So as we were sitting in the car watching the parking lot turn into a river, I really considered turning around and going home. I had told Biscuit I had a surprise for him, but for all he knew, the surprise could've been some ice cream or going to the store for a new book.

But I could just picture his face when he saw Spider-Man, so I knew I had to do it.

My umbrella was in the trunk. (Of COURSE it was.) So I put my camera in my pocketbook, then put my pocketbook in the back floorboard at Biscuit's feet. I waited until the rain let up just a little bit, then I got out, shut my door, opened Biscuit's door, unfastened his car seat, lifted him out, grabbed my pocketbook, stepped in about 6 inches of water in front of the curb and ran under the awning of a store three doors down from the comic book store.

We finally made it into the store, and everybody was just standing around. I stood there for a few minutes, too, then I asked a woman (without saying the word "Spider-Man" of course) if she knew what we were supposed to do. A guy who worked at the store said the plan was to have a group photo taken outside, then Spidey would pose for individual photos with each child. But since the rain came, they were trying to come up with a backup plan.

Finally, one of the guys who worked at the store said, "Um, so can all the kids just go stand in a group over there?" I looked at the woman I had been talking to, and we both laughed.

She walked over to the store employee and said, "You're gonna need to line these kids up. They're too young to just know how to form a photographable group on their own." He looked at her and said, "Can you help?" And she did. I found out later that she's an elementary school teacher, so she's used to getting kids in order.

They took several group photos then let the kids have individual photos with Spider-Man. I don't exactly understand what they're going to do with the group photo, but apparently, we'll get it in an email when they're done.

Biscuit's turn came to have his one-on-one photo taken, and I wondered how he would respond. But he walked right up there and grabbed Spider-Man's hand.

"Look. See my shoes? That's you! That's you on my shoes!" Biscuit said.

I asked Biscuit if he wanted to give
Spider-Man a hug before we left, and he walked right up and hugged him. I knew going in that he would either be scared out of his wits or so excited he couldn't stand it. And luckily, we got the second one.

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