Saturday, June 18, 2011

Growth spurt

I think somebody might be going through a growth spurt. That would be a good thing, seeing as he's still wearing the same shorts and T-shirts he had last year.

He's 2 1/2 and is still wearing 18-month clothes (with a couple pairs of 12-month pairs shorts that surely must be mislabeled).

A few nights ago, Jeff was working late, so Biscuit and I had sandwiches for dinner. Biscuit had half a peanut butter sandwich and two helpings of baked chips. When he was done, he asked for applesauce, which I gave him. Then he asked for yogurt, which I gave him. That's a lot of food for that little person.

Biscuit and Jeff went out for dinner Thursday night, and Jeff said he ate five chicken nuggets, all but one of his waffle-cut french fries and drank a whole bottle of chocolate milk. Then he asked for some of Jeff's sandwich. He weasled out two small bites before Jeff cut him off. Then they split a cup of ice cream.

Tonight, he ate two tacos with ground chicken, cheese and sauteed corn and black beans. Then he ate some black beans in a bowl. Then he asked for applesauce. Then he asked for yogurt. Now he wants some milk.

Yessir. I'm betting he'll be in those 2T clothes sooner than we think!

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