Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mama Bird

Biscuit loves Fudgesicles, but he can't seem to bite them. I guess his teeth are sensitive to the cold or something. A friend of mine even bought some of the wee tiny kid Popsicles, but he struggled with those, too.

He always gets really excited when I have a Fudgesicle. I'll hold it out for him to take a bite, but he licks it, then very slowly puts his mouth on the end of it, then makes a terrible face and jerk his head away. The few times he's bitten into one, he really likes it once it's in his mouth.

Since the biting is the problem, I bit off a little piece, took it out of my mouth and put it into his mouth. He latched on to that idea right away. He got to eat the Fudgesicle, but he didn't have to bite it. Now, he'll say, "Mom, let's get a Popsicle and eat it together."

I guess some people would cringe and say it's gross, but the grossest part to me is how sticky my hand gets from taking it from my mouth to his. I guess now
I know how Mama birds feel when they're feeding their babies.

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