Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Running dialog

I was sitting with my laptop reading a blog just now when I started paying closer attention to the babble that was coming from the living room floor.

Biscuit has 80,000 little cars, some little farm animals and an American flag, and they're all set up in little assorted piles. I'm not sure what the piles are about, but I just started typing a running dialog of what he was saying.

Here's the conversation I'm overhearing:

"Let's get our treasure back. NO!
You can't have your treasure back.

Yes! Let's get the treasure back for our cars.
NO! You can't. You can't. You can't. You can't.
Come back or I'll run over you.
LOOK OUT!!! Big tractor.
Come back, big tractor. We have to get on the dinosaur train.
Chugga-chugga. All da-board!
No! That's our treasure.
OH NO! A pirate caught you. Now you can't do it. And we can't. And you can't do it.
And we can't do our pirate costumes. I catch water in my pirate costume.
They're not getting their costumes on cause they're sad.
They're going back to their cave.
They not getting their treasure back. If they don't have costumes, they're not getting their treasure back."

Seriously. No lie. I'm just sitting here typing as he's saying this. Do you think I could make this up?!?

Also, Biscuit has started adding extra syllables to words for emphasis. He doesn't just say, "I can't." He says, "I cay-unt." And that makes his conversations even funnier.

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Romy Mc said...

Isn't making two syllables out of one-syllable words a Southern thing? :)

I cay-nt go to be-ed no-ow.