Thursday, October 28, 2010

Biscuit's musical stylings

Biscuit got down with his bad self this evening. Check out his latest music videos.

Friday, October 22, 2010

How he got here

I was talking today to a work friend about the baby she's going to have in November. She's a couple of years younger than me, and this is her first baby. She and her husband hadn't planned on having kids, but surprise! Now they have a little boy coming next month.

She's going to deliver in the same hospital where Biscuit arrived.

And it occurred to me that I started this blog a couple of months after Biscuit got here, so I never wrote a blog about his arrival.

Biscuit was due on Thanksgiving Day. And after three years of fertility treatments and one miscarriage, I thought there couldn't have been a more appropriate day for him to arrive.

But he decided that he didn't want to wait that long to arrive, so he showed up three weeks early.

A couple we're friends with had a baby
due about three months after Biscuit, so Jeff and the other dad went to a Daddy Boot Camp class one Saturday. I would've paid big money to be a fly on the wall in that classroom. Jeff and his friend are not really the Daddy Boot Camp class-type, even though they are both great, hands-on dads.

While the men were in class, both of us soon-to-be mamas went shopping. We walked all over an outdoor shopping mall here in town, then met our husbands after their class for pancakes.

I was tired after walking that much, so Jeff and I went home to relax. We got home about 3 in the afternoon, and I told Jeff I'd like to lie on our bed and watch TV. We just chilled out for a while, but at 5 p.m., I sat straight up and said to Jeff, "I need to make chocolate pies."

He said, "You NEED to make chocolate pies?"

"Yes!" I said.

That far into the pregnancy, Jeff knew the routine. As soon as I said yes, he asked, "Can I help?" That was the absolute perfect q

"Yes," I said. "You can build up your arm muscles by stirring the pie filling as it cooks."

After the pies were done, I had him take one to a friend's house, and we had some of the other one. We spent the rest of the night just hanging out together.

Little did we know we were spending our last evening alone!

About 3 a.m., I sat straight up in bed. I thought I was having a bad dream and had wet the bed. Then I realized, that's not a missed trip to the bathroom, my water just broke!

I got up and started walking to the bathroom. I meant to tap Jeff's leg as I walked by, but I got a little more contact than I thought. I slapp
ed his leg at the same time I called his name.

He jumped up with his eyes half open, "What? What? What's going on?"

My water just broke. We need to call th
e hospital.

"I thought you were supposed to go into labor before your water broke?" Jeff asked.

I have to say, I was impressed. Clearly, he had been listening in our birthing class.

"Technically, that's how it's supposed to happen, but you know me, I can't do anything the normal, easy way," I said to him.

I called the hospital to ask about what we should do, and they said call my doctor.

I called the on-call number for my doctor group
and assumed I would get a voicemail or an operator, and someone would call me back. That's why I was really surprised when a doctor answered the phone, sounding really groggy. Little did I know at the time, he had already delivered two other babies that day, one only a couple of hours before I called him in the middle of the night.

I told him what was going on, and he said he'd meet me at the hospital.

So at 4 a.m. Sunday, November 9, 2008, Jeff and I headed to the women's hospital here in town. My contractions had started before we left home, so we knew it wouldn't be long until we had our new baby boy.

I called my parents from the car. It takes them about 2 1/2 hours to drive up here. They were surprised to hear from me since it was three weeks before Biscuit's due date. Plus, they were supposed to be leaving that Monday on a group trip to Myrtle Beach. A trip they had already paid for, I might add. But they took time to pack and were on their way.

I got settled into a birthing room, and there was much hulabaloo. I got an IV and an internal monitor for Biscuit, then they asked me about a thousand questions. I had three nurses working on me all at once. I didn't know which one to look at or talk to next.

I was in labor for, I guess about 10 hours total. Although, I did get an epidural that made that last hour pretty pleasant! Actually, the anest
hesiologist put the epidural in, and nothing changed. One of the nurses scolded me. "You need to take a nap and get some rest. You've got a busy evening ahead of you."

I couldn't figure out how she expected me to take
a nap when I was still having contractions strong enough that I thought I was going to yank the bed rail off and hand it to Jeff.

"Um, this might be a stupid question," I asked her. "But, how can I take a nap when I'm still having strong contractions? What exactly am I supposed to be feeling right now?"

"You should be relaxed enough to go to sleep," she said.

"Um, nope," I told her.

She called the
anesthesiologist back in. I'm not sure what he did to that epidural, but about 10 minutes later, life was pretty darn good! I remember my parents coming in and talking, but I don't remember a thing they said or when they left.

I woke up after about half an hour, and there were a couple of nurses and the doctor hovering around the fetal monitor screen. Those monitors are cool because you hear the constant beat of the baby's heart. But even before the doctor said anything, I had a contraction, and I heard the baby's heart get slower and slower and slower.

I was starting to get worried because I coul
d tell by the way they were talking that something was wrong. I turned to Jeff, who had been holding my hand, rubbing my arms and back and helping me breathe the whole time.

And speaking of that, let me take a break right here and say that Jeff was so good throughout my whole pregnancy. He doctored on me during some awful morning sickness. He rubbed my feet once they started swelling. And God bless him, he ate Mexican food three or four times a week for the last month when that was what I was craving.

But mostly, he was just patient. I had a couple of pretty rough mood swings. One involved Jeff getting Chinese takeout for dinner. That in its
elf was really nice, but then once he got the food home, he had the nerve to put the chicken and broccoli ON TOP OF MY RICE!!!!! I usually eat my chicken and broccoli separate from the rice, but that day, for some reason, it was very, very, VERY important that the chicken and broccoli should not touch the rice.

I was sitting on the couch with my feet propped up, and Jeff brought my food into the living room on a tray. You'd think I'd be excited and grateful. Bu
t nope! I was MAD!

"JEFF! You put the chicken and broccoli on top of the rice! I can't eat it that way!" I yelled at him. Then I burst into tears. Poor Jeff tho
ught he could just fix the problem by going back into the kitchen and separating the chicken and broccoli into one bowl and the rice in the other bowl.

Poor Jeff.

When he came back into the living room, I explained to him in a not-nice way that his idea was completely ridiculous, and he needed to go back into the kitchen and make me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Do you know what Jeff did? He went back into the kitchen and made me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Of course, I was pretty crazy that day, so he might have just been too scared of me to do anything else!

Anyway, back to the hospital. So every time I had a contraction, Biscuit's heart rate dropped. He had moved down some but not enough for me to
start pushing.

Then I heard the doctor say, "We might be looking at a C-section." I wasn't really prepared for that. But at that point, I just wanted that baby out and safely in my arms.

We waited as long as we could, but the do
ctor was getting worried about Biscuit. So we made the call to do a C-section, and it was like somebody flipped a switch. Everybody in the room started doing stuff to get me ready. It was really weird to just lie there and have all these people working on me.

They put Jeff in a white spacesuit-looking outfit and wheeled me into the operating room.

And then it occurred to me. My epidural didn't work when they first put it in. Am I going to feel them cutting my belly open?!?

I called the anesthesiologist over to ask, and she a
ssured me that I wouldn't feel a thing ... except coldness! I was freezing!!

I was also sleepy. I remember telling Jeff over and over, "Don't let me fall asleep. I don't want to miss it."

They did the surgery stuff, and I heard Biscuit cry for the first time. "Is that him?" I asked.

A nurse grabbed our camera and took o
ur very first family portrait.

Then all of a sudden, they whisked Jeff and Biscuit out of the room. They were still doing surgery stuff on me, but Jeff and Biscuit went to the nursery for Biscuit to get officially weighed and measured and to get his first bath.

When they were finished with me, they wheeled me out to the recovery room. I was the only patient in there, so the recovery nurse spent a lot of time just sitting and chatting with me. That was really nice because it seemed like forever until they brought Jeff and Biscuit in.

The recovery nurse did photography as a hobby, so she took some really nice pictures of us. She was a sweet girl. She also looked about 12 years old, but she took good care of me, so I didn't care how old she was!

Here's one of the pictures she took of us. And I thi
nk you know the story from there!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

At least he has manners

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, manners are important to Jeff and me. And luckily, manners are something they really work on at daycare.

This morning, as I was trying to get Biscuit to eat breakfast, I asked if he wanted banana. He said, "No, thank you." What about fruit? "No, thank you." What about oatmeal? "No, thank you." What about toast? "Yes. Toast."

I made him a piece of toast with butter and cut it in half. He ate one piece, then I asked, "Can you eat the other piece of toast?" "No, thank you," he said.

"Can you eat a little bit of the toast?" I asked. "No, thank you," Biscuit said.

"Can you please just eat a couple of bites of the toast?" I asked him.

I guess I tried his patience with that last question because with much attitude, he said, "PLEASE, NO THANK YOU, MAMA!"

I can translate that to mean, "For the love of Pete, Mama, I don't want anymore toast!!!"

This evening, Biscuit and I stopped by the craft store, and as we walked passed one lady, she sneezed. "Bess you," Biscuit said. She looked at him with surprise and thanked him.

Then we needed to squeeze past a different lady on the sale aisle. I told Biscuit we were going to scoot by her, and he yells, "Scooz me! Scooz me! Scooz me!" The woman turned around and started laughing as she moved to let us by.

Just now, Jeff asked Biscuit, "Can I come sit by you on the couch?"

"No, thank you, Dada," Biscuit said.

Well, at least he has manners!

P.S. I don't think I've mentioned this before, but our boy knows how to work a coaster. He never puts his cup anywhere without one. Mama likes that!

Date night

The Daddy Man was out of town for work today. He left at 7 a.m. and is just now on his way home (at 9:30 p.m.). So after Biscuit and I ran a couple of errands, I decided that we would go out for dinner.

Seeing as Mexican is a recent addition to Biscuit's food repertoire, we went to a place near our house where he had a quesadilla with black beans. He loves black beans. He will eat them from a bowl with a spoon. But for some reason, he didn't think they should be on his quesadilla. As long as he didn't see the beans, he ate them up and even said, "Mmmm. Good, Mama." But if he laid eyes on a bean, he picked it out.

There was a TV in one corner that was playing a baseball game. There were murals on the wall that included horses. There were several other babies having dinner there. There were a couple of trucks and motorcycles parked right out front. And on top of it all, Biscuit could see the moon.

What more could a boy ask for? In Biscuit's case, nothing! And neither could his Mama. It was a good night.

You think I'd know by now

Note to self: Don't take the diaper off until the tub is full of water.

If there's time between removing the diaper and placing Biscuit in the water, there will be pee in the floor. And someone will think it's very, very funny.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The wordsmith

I don't know whether to be impressed or freaked out.

Over the weekend, Biscuit said the following words out of the blue:


Where did these words come from? Who knows!

Post-bath conversation

Jeff just finished giving Biscuit a bath. We went out for dinner and ran a couple of errands, so Biscuit got his bath a good bit later than usual.

He's teething, and for some reason, the bath just wasn't what he wanted.
Biscuit cried most of the time through his bath.

As Jeff got him out and dried him off, I overheard this conversation:

Jeff: Biscuit, why were you so upset during your bath?

Biscuit continues to cry.

Jeff: Was it the bubbles? I thought you like bubbles.

Biscuit: Like bubbles, Dad. Bubbles.

Jeff: So it wasn't the bubbles that upset you?

Biscuit: No, Dad. Like bubbles.

Jeff: Are you feeling better now?

Biscuit: Feel better, Dad.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Go team!

I just got home from doing a little Christmas shopping.

Yeah, yeah, I know, I'm freakish to be shopping so early, but I did it by accident one year and realized how much more money I had to play with closer to Christmas. Then I was hooked. Actually, I'm running way behind compared to other years!

Anyway, I got home from shopping, and Biscuit and Jeff were sitting on the couch watching the Yankees game. Biscuit holds one of his wooden drumsticks in the batter's position as he watches the players. His Dada says he has an equally smooth swing from the right and left side of the plate.

"Whatcha doing, Biscuit?" I asked.

"Watch ballgame," he said.

"Who's playing?" I asked.

"Go Rankees," he said.

That's right, boy. GO RANKEES!!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Funny stuff

It seems like sometimes days or weeks go by with Biscuit not doing anything new. And then there are weeks like the past couple, where it seems like he is saying or doing something new every day!

Here are a few of the funny things he's been up to lately:

"Bump, Mama. Bump." There's quite a good sized dip as you pull into the driveway at Biscuit's day care center. So every single morning, as we turn in, right before we hit the dip, Biscuit says, "Bump, Mama. Bump."

Counting steps. Biscuit has been able to count to 10 for a while now, but he's just now starting to understand the concept of the numbers - that instead of just reciting them, you can use numbers to count things. So now, every time we go up and down steps, we have to count them. It's fine on the doorsteps, but there comes a problem when there's a full flight of stairs. He only knows up to 10, so once he's done with those numbers, he gets a little confused. So he just starts naming numbers. ...8 step ...9 step ... 10 step ... 4 step ... 8 step ... 2 step ... 5 step ...

Red bird, red bird. Biscuit loves the book "Brown Bear, Brown Bear." The story goes "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you see?" "I see a Red Bird looking at me." "Red Bird, Red Bird, what do you see?" "I see a White Dog looking at me." And it continues on and on through a bunch of animals. Biscuit now walks around saying, "Red Bud, Red Bud, what you see?" "I see Brown Bear look at me."

Yesterday, he carried it even further. We were at an office supply store having his birthday invitations printed. Biscuit was sitting in his stroller waiting patiently. All of a sudden, he said, "Red Bud, Red Bud, what you see?" "I see Melmo look at me." I looked down and realized he was talking to a little, plastic Elmo ring he was holding. I thought it was pretty smart of him to figure out the pattern and add in his own lines.

"Watch ballgame, Dada." Jeff wanted to watch a playoff baseball game the other night, but I wanted to watch, um, not baseball.
I asked Biscuit, "Do you want to stay with Dada, or do you want to come with me?" Biscuit said, "Um, ballgame Dada?" "Yeah, boy. There's a ballgame on." Biscuit grinned, looked at me and said, "Dada!" What a shame. I had to sit all by myself on a king-size bed, surrounded by pillows, watching a girlie movie.

Mom and Dad
. It seems like mine and Jeff's names change every once in a while. Sometimes we're Mama and Dada. Sometimes we're Kimmy and Jeff. And lately, we've been Mom and Dad (except it sounds more like Dat).

Our boy amazes us. He keeps us smiling and laughing every day.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

For family

It's almost the middle of October, and this is the first blog post I've written this month.

We've been quite busy.

On Sept. 28, we drove 12 hours for a funeral in New York. Jeff's uncle passed away after a long battle with cancer. We were able to stay with Jeff's parents while we were there, so they had some time with us and Biscuit.

It was kind of an unusual situation because until the end of September, Jeff and I both had terminally ill uncles. And oddly enough, they both had the same first name and were both dying from cancer. It's an awful, painful way to go, and I can't imagine what they and their wives were going though. My uncle and his wife are still battling.

We've been talking about funerals and how we would handle the travel. My uncle is 2 1/2 hours away, and Jeff's uncle was 12 hours away. And with Biscuit in tow, we wanted to have some sort of plan in place to go when we needed to go.

We finagled our work schedules, using a combination of bereavement time and vacation. Then we packed our car full of clothes, baby gear, snacks and ... even though I said I'd never buy one of these ... a portable DVD player.

My reasoning was that my family took a cross-country car trip when my brother and I were kids, and we didn't have a DVD player! Well, I recently chewed on those words.

We stopped three times on the trip up - lunch, snack/bathroom and dinner. But even with stops, I realize 12 hours is a long time to be strapped into a car seat. We made it all the way to Pennsylvania before our little man got antsy. And as much as I protested DVD players in the car before, I didn't hesitate one minute to use it to entertain Biscuit.

Once we got to Jeff's parents' house, Biscuit walked around checking out the place (this was his first trip there). Then he got hugs from Grandma and Grandpa, and he was home. Our boy isn't shy. It doesn't take him long to treat a place like he owns it.

I hate that we made the trip for the reason we made it, but it was really nice to see family and let them meet Biscuit. I don't think he met a stranger. Wonder where he gets that from?!?

As much as we've hated to know our uncles were in bad shape, it truly does remind you to feel lucky about your own situation. Jeff and I are in good health, and so is Biscuit. We're lucky enough to have jobs and a nice home. We have friends and family who aren't too far away. Basically, we're living a good, good life.

And as we're facing deaths in our families, I hope we can remember them and grieve for them, but at the same time, realize how lucky we truly are.