Wednesday, September 2, 2009

One for each hand

Biscuit has figured out that he has two hands. And most of the time these days, he wants to have something in each of those hands.

His new favorite two-handed toys? Socks. That boy can amuse himself for an hour straight with a sock in each hand.

He can sit still and wave them around his head. He can crawl with one in each hand, although it does get pretty dicey once he gets to the hardwood floors in the dining room. As he's crawling, his hands slide too far out in front of him, and he ends up lying on his belly. Then he gets frustrated and starts fussing.

Once he's done with the socks, he'll sometimes grab a block in each hand and try to crawl. It sounds like a pirate with a peg leg walking through the house.

When my niece Alyssa was little, she always wanted something in each of her hands, too, but it was usually something to eat. Jeff used to love to see her walking around holding her little hands in the air, dropping cookie crumbs as she waddled.

As a matter of fact, any time I make cookies, I always have to give Jeff two at a time so he can raise them over his head and copy Alyssa's waddle.

So I guess Biscuit gets his two-handed playtime honest from his Daddy.