Monday, June 27, 2011

Soda pop

I called the house as I was heading home this evening. Biscuit answered the phone.

"Hello?" he said. (Actually, he said, "Heyo?")

"Hey. What are you doing?" I asked him.

"I play with my cars and with my Dad." Biscuit said. "What you doing, Mama?"

"I'm driving my car home to see you," I told him.

"You coming to see me?" he asked. I could tell he was excited by my answer. "That would be fine."

That's been his typical response for a while now. He uses it for things that are good, and he uses it for things that are fabulous. As in ... "You want pizza for dinner, Biscuit?" "Whoa. That would be fine," he'll say.
"Biscuit, do you want a million dollars?" "Whoa. That would be fine."

When I got home, I could tell that Biscuit had spilled something down the front of his pajamas. When I asked Jeff what it was, here's the story I got.

Jeff said he was putting laundry in the dryer when Biscuit ran up to him and said, "Dad, come quick. Your drink fell down." Jeff walked into the living room and his Diet Orange Crush can was on the carpet in a puddle of spilled soda pop (I don't say "soda pop," but Jeff does).

Jeff let Biscuit taste his Orange Crush the other night, and it was clear that Biscuit wanted another taste. He tried to help himself and dropped the can in the floor, spilling a good bit of its contents.

"How did the soda pop spill, Biscuit?" Jeff asked.

"On the carpet," Biscuit said. "It spilled on the carpet. The lollipop, I mean soda pop spilled on the carpet."

I didn't scold either of my boys, even though I wanted to. I wanted to tell Jeff that you can't leave drinks or food out like that. Biscuit is worse than a raccoon at a campsite about foraging for whatever food or drink he can get his hands on.

I wanted to tell Biscuit that he shouldn't take food or drink unless it's his own.

I want to tell Jeff that spraying carpet cleaner on the carpet and throwing a paper towel over it doesn't count as actually getting the stain out.

But ultimately, it's not that big a deal. The rest of the house is in one piece, and my boys were playing well with each other. And tonight, that's enough for me.

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