Friday, June 10, 2011

Stream of consciousness

I love the recent trend of Biscuit trailing off into stream of consciousness conversations with himself and his toys. Some days, he starts with one sentence, then that reminds him of something else, and then we're off.

Here's what Biscuit had to say on our way home this evening (it's probably not word-for-word because I don't think I could remember all that he said).

"There's our red car, Mom. We ride in a red car. That car is white, Mom. Their car is white. Our car no white, Mom. Our car is red. It's red, Mom. Red is your favorite, Mom. Is red your favorite, Mom? Red is your favorite."

"That's a school bus, Mom. Do you see the school bus? The school bus has sunshine on the side. That sunshine is orange, Mom. It's one orange and two orange. See the orange, Mom? Sunshine is orange. We don't ride school bus, Mom. We ride in red car. This our red car, Mom. Red is your favorite, Mom?"

"We go home now, Mom? We go home and see Dad? No. Dad at work. Dad working, Mom. We see Dad later. See the policeman? See the policeman, Mom? No. He not policeman. He cutting the grass. He cut the grass, Mom. He use lawnmower to cut the grass. He not policeman. Policeman ride in peace car. Fireman not ride in peace car, Mom. Fireman ride on fire truck. Firetruck is red like our car. Our car is red, Mom."

"We stop at red light, Mom? We at red light? Red means stop. Green means go. LIGHT IS GREEN, MOM! GO! GO! GO!!!! A rhombus is like a diamond, Mom, but I like triangles. Triangles are my favorite. I see circles and squares and ovals. I like triangles. A rhombus is like a diamond, but I like triangles. You like triangles, Mom? Your name Kim. Kim starts with K. My name is Giffin. Giffin starts with R. R-r-r-r-Giffin."

No lie. He had this entire conversation without me saying a single word. Meanwhile, I'm sitting there listening, thinking things like: How does he remember my favorite color is red? Did I tell him Jeff is working or did he just assume that on his own? How is he getting a policeman and a gardener confused? How the heck does he know what a rhombus is?!? Griffin does not start with an R. Since he doesn't even pronounce the R in his his name, why would he think his name starts with an R?

Biscuit is so smart, and he just keeps learning and learning and learning. One of the favorite things about parenting for me is watching that child learn. Seeing something click in his little brain is simply amazing.

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