Monday, March 3, 2014

Ropin' and ridin'

Jeff had to cover a college basketball game tonight. 

And before you even ask, yes, Biscuit and I are tired of Jeff's wacky schedule lately.

Weekend before last, he covered two college basketball games in one day. TWO games! Then last weekend was the gymnastics tournament. Tonight is a college basketball game. And weekend after next, he'll be covering a college basketball tournament all weekend.

We're ready to have him home for normal hours!

But Biscuit and I have had a lot of fun playing together.

Sometimes when I have to bring work home, he hands me whichever action figure I'm supposed to be, then he just sort of plays around me. He's very understanding about when I'm working. He knows he can assign me a character but that I can't actively participate. I hate it when that happens, but hey, it's work. And sometimes, that's the way it is.

Biscuit's piano lesson was cancelled tonight because we got more snow. Those crazy weather people said we would get some sleet, but now we have about an inch and a half of snow. Just enough to shut down pretty much everything. Well, except the newspaper!

So with our usual plans out the window, Biscuit and I had lots (AND LOTS) of time to play.

We started by playing police. Then we moved on to superheroes. Then we were firefighters. And lastly, we were cowboys.

Biscuit really is too big for his bouncy horse, but we haven't been able to get rid of it yet. He still rides the thing all the time.

I tied a piece of thick yarn into a lasso for him, and he used it to go out ropin' steers.

Here he is after flinging his lasso around his cow. He got this sweet little cow from my nephew for his first or second Christmas. And now the poor thing is getting rounded up.

He's wearing quite the outfit. The shirt is what he wore to
day care. His jeans got wet in the snow, so he swapped out to
the pajama pants he wore last night. Then he added the vest.
See that serious look on his face? I asked him if he wanted to smile, but he said being a cowboy was serious business.

As much as I've enjoyed spending time with Biscuit, I'm ready to get back to the three of us.

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