Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sending him packing

I got so tired of Biscuit's antics that I kicked him out of the house. Okay, that's not completely true, but he is gone.

My Mama called me earlier this week and asked if I would meet her and Daddy halfway between their house and mine to trade off Biscuit for a week.

So Saturday morning, Biscuit and I got up drove about an hour and a half to meet the grandparents. We had lunch, swapped over Biscuit's stuff and away they went.

Our self-portrait at lunch ... right before those people took my boy away!

I'm missing my boy.

I called him last night, and he and Grandmama were just finishing up with his bath. He was so wound up, I wondered if he would go to sleep at all, despite the fact that he didn't got a nap. But he did, and Mama said he was being good.

This morning, he went to church, then my brother and his family went over to see him. There was so much excitement at the house that Biscuit didn't nap today, either.

So about 8 p.m., I got a phone call. Mama said Biscuit was a little weepy and said to her, "I think I need to call my Mom."

We talked for a while, and I heard all about his day. And I told him that he didn't have to stay up until his regular bedtime. It's funny, but when you tell him his bedtime, he thinks that's when he goes to bed - no earlier, no later.

Jeff had one more day of basketball today, and I was looking forward to having the day all to myself. I had planned to do some laundry, do our taxes and plan an upcoming trip.

But I mostly just watched movies and felt lonely. I don't know how to be completely alone anymore!

I did do the laundry and trip planning, but the taxes will have to wait another day.

I don't know what I will do with my evenings. I'm on such a routine - leave work, pick up Biscuit, cook dinner, clean the kitchen, bathe the boy, put him to bed, watch an hour of TV (maybe write a blog post) and go to bed - that it'll be hard to step outside it.

We'll meet my parents again Friday to get our boy back, and whether he missed me or not, I'll be glad to get my hands on him!

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