Sunday, March 2, 2014

Race coverage

Santa Claus really struggled year before last to find a plain, old-fashioned Hot Wheels race track. 

We didn't want electronics or bells and whistles. We wanted the kind of track that were sold when Jeff and I were kids. And luckily, Santa was able to track one down.

This track has all the pieces to make long straightaways, banked curves, loops and more. It also comes with C-clamps, which allow the track to be attached to, oh, say, my dining room table!

I think the best track we've built so far has been when we clamped the track to the table, ran track down to the floor, built a loop, followed by a short straightaway, then a banked curve into a ramp. Very cool!

The track Biscuit has right now is pretty straightforward. It starts with a launcher, goes into a loop and ends with a ramp. And boy is it exciting when a car makes it all the way through.

One new thing that Biscuit is doing, and I can only attribute it to him watching sports with Jeff, is that if a car makes it all the way through the track, he will then "show the video." I guess he means like an instant replay.

Here's Biscuit running a car through his track, then offering to "show the video."

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