Sunday, March 23, 2014

Out of the mouth of my babe

It's hard to tell stories about Biscuit when he isn't home!

But I can share a few things Biscuit has said recently:

Funny man: Biscuit has been telling terrible jokes that he makes up. They are not funny because he doesn't understand yet how jokes work.

He told one of his own jokes on the way to piano lessons one Monday night, and Jeff and I didn't laugh.

"Well I thought that one was funny," Biscuit said.

At which point Jeff and I both cracked up. We thought it was funny how pitiful he sounded about us not laughing, but he thought we appreciated his joke. Win-win.

Mr. Clean: Despite the fact that Biscuit keeps our living room floor covered in toys, he is very orderly. And he knows when something isn't the way it should be and is perfectly willing to let you know.

We were walking through the store, and Biscuit was sitting in the big part of the buggy. Someone had wadded up a receipt and threw it in the floor. 

Biscuit got a really angry look on his face and said, "Who in the dang world threw that paper in the middle of the floor ... in the middle of the dang floor, Mom!"

To show my support, I pretended to be just as outraged as Biscuit was.

"I can't believe someone would do that," I said to Biscuit, looking at Jeff and smiling the whole time.

Helping himself: Biscuit was upstairs playing in his room, when he called down to Jeff.

"DAD!" Biscuit shouted. "Can you do me a favor?"

Then as Biscuit was trying to ask his favor, he started walking down the stairs.

"Um, um, well, um, Dad," Biscuit said. "Um, can you bring me something out of my firefighter box?"

But by the time Biscuit was done asking for what he wanted, he was all the way downstairs, walking into the living room.

"On second thought, Dad, II'll just get it myself," Biscuit said. "I can find a path through my mess way easier than you can."

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