Friday, March 14, 2014

Out of the mouth of my babe

A few things Biscuit has said recently.

Big family? Biscuit had asked several times this week if we could go out for pizza, and it never worked out until tonight. (And yes, Jeff was working ... wait, did that sound bitter?!)

Biscuit and I were finishing up as a couple and eight boys walked in and took the large table right in front of our booth.

"Mom, there are eight children at that table," Biscuit said, "and it's all boys, no girls."

"You're right," I said.

We got up to leave, and Biscuit walked over to the man and asked, "Um, excuse me, are all those boys your children?"

The man and his wife cracked up laughing. "NO!" he said. "That one is ours, and all the others are his friends. We're here to celebrate his birthday."

"Oh," Biscuit said. Then he looked over at the boy and said, "Happy birthday."

My poor, shy wallflower!

Crazy people: A local grocery store chain has started using a talking lion in their commercials, and after he tells everyone why they should buy what they need at his store, he says, "But that's just my two cents."

So Biscuit and I were turning out of a parking lot, and a woman ran the redlight and almost t-boned us.

"MOM!" Biscuit yelled. "Did you see that?! Some people just don't have two cents!"

I think he meant that the woman didn't have any sense, but with his tone of voice, he still got her told!

Ointment: Jeff tweaked his back shoveling snow last week, and he's just now starting to walk straight again. He's spent a lot of time with the heating pad and a tube of generic cold-hot muscle cream.

Jeff left the tube of ointment out on the bathroom counter, and as Biscuit was brushing his teeth this morning, he asked Jeff if he could smell it.

"This stuff stinks!" Biscuit said, wrinkling up his nose.

I was walking in while his face was still scrunched up. "What stinks?" I asked him.

"That muscle rub," Biscuit said. "If you rub it on yourself, it will give you muscles. Or at least that's what Dad said."

Is it okay to tell him that he can't always take Dad at his word?!

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