Monday, March 31, 2014

Pajama party

I know, I said I would write about our fun event on Saturday, but time got away from me!

Friday evening, we went to Pajama Jam 2014 at our local science center. 

I got Biscuit dressed in some PJs he likes, then I went to find the only pair I would dare to wear in public. And of course, they were in the hamper. And I don't mean they were lying casually atop other clothes. I mean they were wadded up somewhere near the bottom, wrinkled beyond belief. And Jeff said if I wasn't wearing PJs, he wasn't, either.

The event included: glow-in-dark games and crafts, bedtime stories in front of the big aquarium, a laser show, stargazing in the dome, dance like an animal, snacks, a live band that plays pretty good kid music and more.

We planned out the events we wanted to go to, but it was tough getting around. That science center is a big ol'place, and there were lots of people there. It was hard just getting from one session to the next.

Here are some pictures:

First stop was the nametag table. Biscuit was very
particular about which beads he wanted and in
which order. And God bless them, those employees
just went along with whatever he wanted.

Biscuit loves the weather room, especially these
screens that show how lightning traces its targets.

One auditorium was set up with glow-in-the-dark
games, like bowling. It was pretty simple - water bottles
with sand in the bottom and glow sticks. That's it.

In the Science Theater, the kids got to meet a chicken
named Pauline and a rabbit named Dumbledore. Then they
learned how to do the Chicken Dance and the Bunny Hop.

This is Dumbledore. He was very soft.

As we walked out into the aquarium area, I saw this sign
at one of the exhibits. I pointed it out to Biscuit, and he
was convinced that the exhibit belongs to us.
"Mom, it says 'for Griffin's family,'" he said. 

Biscuit checks out his family's sign.

Biscuit tries out a submarine.

This penguin was sitting right next to the edge of
the exhibit. I wish the plexi-glass had been cleaner.
When the birds would flap their wings,
water would splash up onto the glass.

It was pretty cool to see the penguin's feathers close up.

I set Biscuit on the ledge so he could get a close look at the penguins.

This is a new addition to the aquarium. It has a
weird name (and a weird face), but I can't remember it.

These rays are in a large touch tank, but it was about 8:30 p.m.,
and I guess that's their bedtime. One ray was circling the tank,
and the rest were settled on the bottom, many covered in sand.

Biscuit makes a friend at the aquarium.

It was a fun evening, and I'm glad we went. We went for pizza at 9:15 p.m., and Biscuit thought that was really cool. I figured he'd be in a grumpy mood the next morning, but he was up early and quite cheerful.

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