Sunday, December 8, 2013

Patience is hard

How can my child be so laid back about some things and so impatient about others ... right now, Christmas.

I blame the whole countdown thing. He has two ways of counting down the days until Christmas. 

One is a flat cardboard box that has a Christmas picture on it. Within the picture, there are numbered panels that open to reveal a piece of chocolate. You start opening panels on Dec. 1, and open the last one on Dec. 25.

The other one is this cute little chalkboard I got off the dollar aisle. It has a Christmas frame around it and a pretty design in the shape of an oval on it. You write how many days are left inside the oval. Biscuit is learning to write his numbers, so I thought it would be fun for him.

But really, the whole countdown thing is making our boy lose his patience.

He said to Jeff this evening, "Dad, 17 days until Christmas is just forever. You and Mom are better waiters than I am."

The funny thing is that he hasn't even mentioned Santa. 

"I just want to open one present," he told me.

Not that I believe him!

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