Sunday, December 15, 2013

I don't have to like it

We went to a birthday party on the afternoon of this cold and rainy day.

The birthday boy's mom outdid herself on the food. Everything was so good.

And for the most part, the kids got along well. The birthday boy did keep calling Biscuit by the wrong name. He called him Elliott. So at one point, Jeff asked me, "Have you checked on Elliott lately?" It took me a minute to figure it out that he was talking about Biscuit.

Then at one point, there was a poking incident that caused some tears. Then there were some hard feelings when hugs weren't given in the right order. Someone wanted to be hugged first, not last. Oh for the days when those kinds of things were the biggest problems of the day!

Biscuit said he had a good time, all except for when I made him wear a party hat and glasses. He wasn't feeling it, and he let me know he wasn't pleased by not smiling ... Until I let him take the hat and glasses of.

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