Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

Jeff had to cover a basketball game this evening, so Biscuit and I walked over to our neighbor's New Year's party.

Biscuit was the only kid there, but he behaved well and talked to people. Well, at least for the first 45 minutes. For the last 15 minutes (and I might mention after he had a brownie!), Biscuit was too wound up to be in a room full of adults. I was ready to put him out in our neighbor's fenced-in yard!

So Biscuit and I headed home after about an hour, but not without some goodies from my neighbor, including clapping hands, a tiara and a couple of horns (one of which has already been taken away from the boy).

I gave Biscuit one chance to make all the noise he could, and I think he did a good job!

Happy New Year, everybody!

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