Thursday, December 12, 2013

Changing focus

I was looking back at November and December blog posts from the past few years, and I saw where I had posted our Christmas decorations and cookie-making and other fun things.

And then I look over my shoulder at our Christmas tree, which is up and lit but not decorated. And I look at the mantel, decorated but without stockings. I can't remember that just-right spot I chose to store them so they would be kept safe. And I glance out the window, and there are no lighted candy canes lining our sidewalk, even though I promised Biscuit we would put them up two weekends ago.

So after spending two days sick, sick, sick, I finally realized that none of that stuff matters if it's going to stress us all out.

I decided that I will make sure the decorations are put on the trees. I will find the stockings and hang them. And everything else can either get done or not, but either way, we'll spend time together as a family and focus on what Christmas is about.

I did get out Biscuit's Nativity set.

I handed him the box, he opened it up and said, "Hey, Mom! It's my Jesus thing!"

"Yes, yes it is," I said, smiling.

And I don't know if you remember this from 2011, but when I was looking back at those old blog posts, I ran across the picture below.

We never did find out what went down in Bethlehem that year, but somebody called the police, so it must've been pretty bad. And look at those sheep over there gossiping about whatever was going on.

So from now through the remaining holidays, I'm going to try to keep my focus on what's important.

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