Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mad again

So I was mad Monday about being sent to the couch at piano lessons. And today, I'm griping about baseball.

Each team in Biscuit's baseball league has five games, either on Friday evening or Saturday morning.

His first game was rained out, and although we were disappointed, we were told there would be a makeup game.

And then I got the email.

Biscuit's make-up game is Wednesday. You might notice that Wednesday is not Friday or Saturday. Also, we're going on vacation next week and were already going to miss the scheduled game for Friday.

And to add fuel to my fire, they're taking team and individual photos before the Wednesday games.

So now, Biscuit will miss two games and team and individual photos. And I am not happy about it!

I certainly don't think the leaders planned it this way to tick me off, but they certainly succeeded, whether they meant to or not.

Biscuit has a game this Friday. Why couldn't they take pictures then? And if they assured me that all games would be on Friday evening or Saturday morning, why would they plan a make-up game on Wednesday?

Being the control freak I am, I don't deal well with things changing in an irrational way. And this whole thing seems irrational to me.

So we'll go to Biscuit's game Friday, then Sunday, we're leaving on vacation. And I bet we're going to have WAY more fun that we would at some stupid ballgames!


Tanya M. said...

Do you know if they rent the field? That might affect when they can schedule make up games. Jake is supposed to have practice on Wednesday and games on Saturday, but because of the weather we've also had games on Monday and practice on Friday. Welcome to the world of youth sports! Lol

Kimmy said...

Tanya, what you're saying sounds logical, but don't you recognize irrational anger when you read it?! :)

Tanya M. said...

My bad. Lol