Monday, April 28, 2014

Sent to the couch

I was banished to the couch. By Jeff and Biscuit's piano teacher.

Those mean men told me that I need to sit around the corner from the music room at the piano teacher's house. And I don't like it!

For the past two weeks, when we've gone to piano lessons, Biscuit would play something, then look at me for my reaction. Then it would take him a minute to get his attention back on the task at hand.

So Jeff said to the teacher last week, "Maybe we should try sitting on the couch around the corner."

Do what?!

Jeff gave me some speech about how it would help Biscuit concentrate better and how he would depend more on his teacher than me.


So we got to Biscuit's lesson tonight, and I walked with him into the music room and helped him get his books unpacked. Then I turned around and walked around the corner to the formal living room.

I listened to the first few minutes of the lesson, but it was hard to be there, but not really be there. So I played on my phone for a while, then played with the piano teacher's cat.

Biscuit had a good lesson. And I have mixed emotions about it. I'm proud of him for paying attention and doing well, but I really did miss getting to sit and watch him.

If it helps him for me to sit on the couch, I'll definitely do it. I love my boy, even if I don't like sitting on the couch.

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Jenrobburton said...

I took my parents to Sawyer's dance class at school. He cut up and showed off trying to get our attention so badly that my dad had to leave before he blew his top. I'd sat in on the dance class before and he didn't act that way. It amuses me how badly they crave our attention and reaction sometimes!