Friday, April 11, 2014

Play ball!

Tonight was our meet-and-greet for Biscuit's baseball team.

Biscuit's team is made up of 5- and 6-year-old boys and girls. Some of them have played before, but for some, like Biscuit, this is their first time on the field.

I asked the director to point out our coach, then I walked over and introduced myself.

"My son will be playing on your team," I said. "What do you want him to call you?" 

I sent Biscuit over to his coach, and he introduced himself.

"My name is Griffin," Biscuit said. "This is my first baseball practice. I'm wearing a Yankees hat and T-shirt, but I'm playing for the White Sox team."

I dressed Biscuit in some comfy knit track pants and a T-shirt, but I showed up at practice in work clothes. Know why? I didn't know that I was going to be standing behind second base telling the kids when to run to third!

A friend of mine is coaching her 4-year-old son's team. I talked to her after their coaches orientation, and she said that parents would be helping. But I figured I'd just send Jeff out there. There were several other moms who did just that. But before I could get away, I got sent to second base.

This league is all about teaching the basics - which base to run to (we did have a kid that hit the ball then ran to third base), what to do if you get the ball in the field, don't sit down on the grass when you're playing first base ... you know, the basics.

Each kid gets to hit. Tonight, the coach pitched three balls, and if the batter didn't hit it, they brought out a tee. Biscuit hit the second ball the coach pitched and actually remembered to run to first base without being prompted.

When he got to second base (aka my outpost), I said, "I'm proud of you."

"I know, Mom," Biscuit said. "That's because I hit the ball, and now I'm a famous baseball player."

Um, yeah. That's why I'm proud. The boy's confidence level certainly isn't in question!

They'll have five games, three on Friday evenings and two on Saturday mornings. We'll miss one game because of vacation, but I'm not even going to tell Biscuit that right now. He's too excited about getting to play.

Here's Biscuit in his baseball dress ... I mean, baseball T-shirt.
He got #3, which Jeff loves because it was Babe Ruth's number. Biscuit
loves that his hat has a G on it, because of course that can stand for Griffin.

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