Sunday, April 13, 2014

An egg grab for Easter

We had a really fun Easter egg hunt at our house last year. Remember this?

And then a week later, I was crazy enough to try one of the city-sponsored Easter egg hunts. Remember this?

So I hadn't really put a lot of thought into any Easter events this year until a friend emailed me to see if I'd like to go back to that city-sponsored hunt. I said absolutely not to the egg hunt, but absolutely yes to hanging out with my friend and her son.

We found a church not far from our house that was having an Easter event from 3 to 5 p.m. today.

Biscuit and I went to the movies this morning, and I thought we'd have time for him to take a quick nap. No such luck. There were 20 minutes of previews before the feature film even started. And although the movie was fun, including good music, there was a part in the middle that kind of dragged.

"Mom, I'm getting kind of tired," Biscuit said.

I took a look at my phone to see what time it was, and sure enough, it was his usual naptime. What in the world is this kid going to do in August when he stops getting a nap? The kindergarten classes around here go all day with no nap. Biscuit might come straight home and go to bed!

Anyway, we left the theater at 1:46 p.m. and came home for lunch. Then next thing you know, it was time to go to the egg hunt.

The age groups were gathered in the church's parking lot, and we found our group - ages 3 to 5. When the time came for the hunt, the people holding the signs led the kids to a grassy area behind the church. When the church bells rang, the kids could run out and start looking for eggs. Except there was no looking involved. The eggs were just scattered out over the grass. 

Am I the only one that misses the egg hunts where the eggs were actually hidden?

I guess since most places have a lot of open lawns, it's hard to really "hide" the eggs. But because there were so many kids today, and the eggs were in plain sight, the egg gathering took less than 5 minutes.

Biscuit was excited when I told him one of his friends would be there. And then he saw a girl from his day care. It was a little awkward because her Dad brought her, and he isn't much of a conversationalist. So the little girl, Biscuit and his friend did all the activities together, and my friend and I talked while the little girl's Dad just kind of stood around.

The kids seemed to have a good time, but it was 80 degrees here today, and I think there was a correlation between the temperature and the length of the lines. The first line, when it was just starting to heat up, wasn't so bad. By the time we got to the end, the kids were getting restless and thirsty, I was sweating and the lines were way longer!

They had inflatables, a mini fire engine to ride around the parking lot, pony rides and a petting zoo with a llama, donkey and goats.

Here are some pictures:

Follow the leader to the egg hunt.

Not so much of an egg hunt as an egg grab.

Got the stash, ready to trade the eggs for a goody bag.

FIRE TRUCK!!! This little truck hauled the kids
(and some adults) around the parking lot.

The petting zoo featured a llama (or alpaca, I don't
know the difference), a donkey and some goats.

Nice face.

The line for this thing took forever because only one kid at a time can climb
and slide. But Biscuit's turn finally came. He climbed and climbed and climbed.

And then the slide!

I've never seen a baseball inflatable before today. The ball
was floating on air coming out of the top of the yellow
cone. Biscuit had to swing a few times before he hit it.

And then it was time for pony rides. If we thought the line for the big slide was
long, it was nothing compared to the pony ride line. We were hot and tired, and our
boys were hot and tired and thirsty. Good thing is was nearing 5 p.m. - closing time.

Ride 'em cowboy!

I wanted Biscuit to be excited about the ponies because he's been
playing cowboys for days. But I think by the time he actually got on
the horse, he was done for the day. He got home and slept for two hours.

Hanging out with our friends today was fun, but I think we're still on a search for the perfect Easter egg hunt!

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