Sunday, April 6, 2014

A weekend with family

We went to my parents' house this weekend to celebrate my nephew's 10th birthday. I cannot believe that child has hit double-digits. Jeff and I had been married a little over a year when our nephew was born. And now, he's a decade old.

My family has a good time when we're together. We all like to play and don't take much of anything too seriously.

Here are some pictures from our busy (but fun) weekend:

My nephew played on a basketball team this year, so
he wanted a basketball-themed birthday party and cake.

Pirate Biscuit spend some time in his secret hideout,
aka the treehouse. Notice that his right hand is
shaped into a claw. I'm guessing that's his hook.

Biscuit couldn't balance his plate on
his lap, so we rigged him up a table.

Carolina jasmine against a Carolina blue sky.

Biscuit tries out my nephew's green machine.

He didn't do so well.

My brother let Biscuit drive his fancy lawnmower.
My brother told Biscuit which handle
to move to navigate the machine.

Sticking his tongue out helps Biscuit to concentrate.

The next mode of transportation was handtrucks.
Biscuit doesn't need a motor to be entertained.

My  nephew got a volleyball/badminton net for his birthday.
He brought it to my parents' house today so we could play. Biscuit
needs to be a little taller before his serves will make it over the net!

And then we hunted Easter eggs. Jeff hid 50 eggs for the kids to find.

They met on the front porch to count the ones they found.
They were still missing two and had to go back out.

Then it was time to play tag.

Country life agrees with Biscuit. We'll have to make
sure he gets to spend plenty of time there.

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