Thursday, May 1, 2014

In bloom

I've decided to get over my grump self and start getting my mind set for vacation!

And that started this evening when Biscuit and I got home and walked around the yard to see what's in bloom.

Our daffodils and tulips have come and gone, and our peonies and roses won't show up for a while. But we do have azaleas and irises. Purple irises ... which happen to be my favorite flower.

When Jeff and I bought our house, a older friend of mine gave me some great advice. She said, "Don't mess with anything in your yard for a full year. That way, you'll see everything with leaves and blooms before you change anything."

We bought our house in August 2003, and in April 2004, I walked outside one morning to find three different kinds of purple irises blooming. 

I have old-fashioned bearded irises, which are still my favorites.

I have Siberian irises, which are usually the ones you see in fresh floral arrangements.

And I have Japanese irises, which have freckles. (Note to self: Don't use the driveway as the background for a pretty flower!)

And we have pretty fuchsia-colored azaleas.

Biscuit doesn't know where we're going on vacation, but he's pestered me enough about it that I told him that I would tell him Saturday. I didn't want to tell him before then because I don't want him bragging to all his friends at day care, especially since some of his friends' families might not be able to afford vacations.

Anyway, I'll share Biscuit's reaction as soon as he knows.


jbr said...

Will you take video of his reaction?

Kimmy said...

I sure will, Janet. Although, I'll tell you that he's a lot like Jeff in that he doesn't get too excited about things! :)