Thursday, May 22, 2014

Miss Communication

A post from The Daddy Man:

Kimmy and I are both writers and editors. Our boy does not yet know what that means. But he got a small taste of it the other night on the way home.

It had been raining all day, and I guess Biscuit was thinking of the consequences of that.

"If I stepped in the mud, my feet would sink," he said.

Then Biscuit thought for a little bit and said, "Sink ends with either a K or a C."

"It ends with a K," Kimmy said.

Biscuit and Kimmy then sounded out the other letters, and Mr. Know It All actually argued with her about whether the N should be there.

You heard that right. My 5-year-old son who can't yet read argued with my wife, who spells for a living, about whether she was spelling "sink" right.

Poor guy just doesn't get it.

1. You don't argue with your mother.
2. You don't argue with a copy editor.

So Biscuit was arguing with Kimmy about the N, and I said to him, "Dude, without the n, you get sik."

"Really?!" Griffin asked, surprised.

"Really," I said, not realizing how BIscuit took what I said.

"Mom, is Dad serious? If you take out the n, do you get sick?" Biscuit asked.

"He doesn't mean that you'll get sick," Kimmy explained. "He meant that if you take out the N, the letters left will SPELL sik."

Biscuit thought for a second and said, "Mom, are Dad and I just too hilarious?"

Then I think there was some eye-rolling on Kimmy's part.

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