Saturday, May 24, 2014

Inside Biscuit's imagination

For tonight's post, I've decided to let Biscuit talk. Hold on to your hats because this story is a doozy!

I took some old gloves, drinking straws and silver tape and make him some claws like Wolverine. I can't tell you how excited he was.

Here's the story he shared with me, and I wish I could've gotten it on video because he did not stand still for a single second of this story.

I typed this while he was talking:


See these claws? They are shiny and sharp, and they will cut you if I want them to. And you know what they call me? Wolverine. Even though my name is Logan.

I'm happy, though, because it's my anniversary. It's the celebration of the day I first got my abilities.

And do you want to hear about the time Peter Pan became my best friend, then I helped him battle with Hulk? And then Cyclops blasted the bad guy with his energy blasts and lasers?

There I was, standing at the rigging of the pirate ship. And Peter Pan was standing right beside me. He was my dinosaur brother. We fought off dinosaurs all the time. And when I was with him, his friend Tinkerbell would sprinkle us with pixie dust, and we'd think happy thoughts, and then POOF! we'd just fly.

Another of my abilities is always landing on my feet. No matter how I start falling, I can right myself. Wanna see? (And he jumps off the couch and lands on his feet.)

And then I heard footsteps. And they sounded like pirate shoes. And I heard them saying Aarg. Aarg. Aarg.

I'd know that pirate anywhere. And they're calling him Captain Hook. And I was ready to get into battle with him.

And it went like this (at which point Biscuit jumped into all kinds of positions and stances).

Some other bad guys try to come after me, too, but I just defeated them. I defeated them over and over.

And I stabbed Hook and threw him overboard.

And guess who was swimming right behind him. I'll give you a hint.

He goes tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock. It ... was ... the ... CROCODILE!

After that much of the story, he got distracted by something else. But he came back over a few minutes later.

And Mom, I just want to give you a hug for making these claws. But don't worry, I won't stab you.

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