Monday, May 19, 2014

Out of the mouth of my babe - Disney edition, Part 2

As you might imagine, Biscuit engaged with quite a few people during our Disney excursion.

He initiated some conversations. In others, he just responded to the questions. Here are a few conversations Biscuit had:

An honest answer: In Tomorrowland, we got on this contraption called the Astro Orbiter. And I didn’t like it.

We rode an elevator up a couple of floors, then got off on a platform that was high enough to see everything in the area.

Then we got on these rockets that moved in a circle, with a good bit of speed. And to make matters worse, there was a lever that would allow each car to move up and down independently. And the smaller people were in the front, which meant Biscuit was in charge of our up and down motion.

Just let that sink in for a minute!

The captain of my rocket scared the daylights out of me!

See how high up we were? I'm not afraid of heights, but being up t
hat high and going in a circle at the same time was kinda strange.

Anyway, we got off the ride, and this lady who had been in line in front of us started talking to Biscuit.

“Did you like the ride?” she asked him.

Not particularly,” Biscuit said.

She looked back and forth between Jeff and me, like she didn’t know what to say.

“How old are you?” she asked.

“I’m 5,” Biscuit said. “I’ll start kindergarten in August.”

“You know, ‘particularly’ is quite a big word for a 5-year-old,” the woman said.

“Yeah,” Biscuit said. And he was done.

Late night chat: We saw some kids who were complete zombies by the time they made it back to the buses at night.

But with my whole plan, I just kept saying, “We’ll do what we can do and move on. If we miss something, we miss it.” And I saw that pay off completely.

We stayed for the Electric Parade and the fireworks. Then we got in line for a bus back to our resort.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I still cannot believe how easy our whole trip was. When I saw the hoards of people leaving the park after the fireworks, I thought it would take us forever to get a bus back to our resort. Nope. We were on the second bus out of the station. They just have everything so broken down and streamlined, that it just took no effort at all to get to where we wanted to go.

I saw so many kids either zonked out in their strollers or collapsed on their parents’ shoulders. And there was Biscuit, wide awake and chatting away.

We were on the bus heading home that night, and Biscuit struck up a conversation with the lady next to us.

Her kids were fast asleep, and I was trying to figure out whether she was open to a conversation with Biscuit or not. If she wasn’t, I was going to quickly distract him.

But she was asking questions and encouraging him, so I just let them chat.

”How did you like your first day in the Magic Kingdom?” she asked him.

“I loved it, but I didn't get to meet Peter Pan,” Biscuit said.

“Oh, I’m sorry you didn’t get to meet him,” she said. “Did you at least get to see him in the show at the castle?”

“Well, I saw just a high school kid PLAYING Peter Pan, but I didn't get to see the real one,” Biscuit explained. “That kid’s the size of Peter Pan, so he just dressed up in a costume. They were the same persons that were in that one show with Donald, Mickey and Minnie. That high school kid had the same hair color as the real Peter. And the same color eyes. So they told him to play Peter Pan in the show.”

Luckily for the lady, we pulled up at her bus stop before Biscuit could continue their conversation.

“It was nice talking to you,” Biscuit said.

She got the biggest smile and said, “It was nice talking to you, too.”

That’s amore: We were walking through Cinderella Castle, and I was explaining the Cinderlla-themed murals to Biscuit.

“Mom, I think my teacher came here and made these,” Biscuit said. “You know why? Because she took these little squares called tiles and covered a WHOLE bucket!”

“Wow,” I said, while trying to take pictures of these 15-by-10-foot murals. Not to belittle his teacher’s bucket, of course!

Cinderella-themed murals made of
teeny-tiny little tiles in Cinderella Castle.

There was a group of Italians chatting in front of us, and as he was walking and looking at the murals, Biscuit bumped right into one of the women.

She turned around to face him, and I swear, she was gorgeous! Exactly as you’d expect a pretty 20-something Italian woman to look – dark hair, dark eyes, beautiful skin.

Biscuit looked up at her and smiled, “Excuse me,” he said.

She gasped and cupped Biscuit’s face in her hand. “You are BEAUTIFUL!” she said to Biscuit.

She ran her hand through his hair, smiling at him the whole time. And of course he was grinning at her, too!

Then she looked over at me, realizing Biscuit was mine, and said, “He is BEAUTIFUL!”

“Thank you,” I said.

She looked down at Biscuit one more time, then turned around and walked off with her friends. It was such a sweet moment.

So three days later, we were traveling up the interstate, heading to Grandmama’s house.

And out of nowhere, Biscuit said, “Guys, I really can't believe I have a girlfriend … And she lives in Italy!”

Wow! Really?

That woman made quite an impression on my boy. I’m just holding out hope that she’ll want us to come to Italy to have the wedding!

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