Sunday, May 4, 2014

On the way

We came as far as Jacksonville yesterday.

I realized that Monday would be the only day we'd have to play at the hotel because we have park tickets for Tuesday and Wednesday, and we check out Thursday. So we decided to drive part of the way and spend the night.

We were in a really nice, modern-looking hotel. And the beds were really comfortable.

Biscuit got a good night's sleep because he brought his sleeping bag. I don't mean a camping-type sleeping bag. I mean a bag full of things that will help him sleep in a strange place.

His bag has his noise machine, so he can hear the ocean no matter where we are. A book of Disney bedtime stories. And of course it includes his entourage.

From left: Shooting Star (who was Blackie, then Pinto, then Blaze, then Diamond), Teddy, Funny Bunny and Puppy.

He was calmly watching cartoons until I said, "You know, my rule about jumping on the bed doesn't apply at hotels."

Biscuit got this huge grin on his face. And then he commenced to jumpin'!

Next stop, Orlando.

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