Saturday, February 1, 2014

A play date

"When is he getting here, Mom?" Biscuit asked me. "Will it be a long time or just a little while? Will it be 7 hours? This is taking for-EVER!"

Biscuit had a date at 2 p.m. today, and he was so excited that he couldn't take a nap. He asked me a thousand times what time it was and how much longer he had to wait.

One of mine and Jeff's friends has a son who's a year younger than Biscuit (even though they're the same size and look to be the same age), and our friend asked if Biscuit would be interested in joining him and his son at a bounce house this afternoon.

He was concerned because Biscuit had never spent any time with him and his son without Jeff and me around. I assured him that wouldn't be an issue.

I put Biscuit's car seat in the car, and our friend said, "You know I'll take care of him like he's my own."

And I said to him, "I know that. Otherwise, he wouldn't be strapped in your car right now."

And away they went.

While they were gone, Jeff, his parents and I went shopping. I traded a couple of text messages with our friend.

Here was one funny message he sent me:

"They're having fun. Goldfish and water break. God bless parents with twin boys. Holy smokes. Also, this place is packed!"

Apparently, the boys didn't always want to play on the same inflatable, so our friend was trying to keep up with both boys in two different places.

In response to his text, I sent back, "You're a good man!"

Our friend said there were a couple of crying spells. Biscuit and another little boy collided at one point. Then on one of the slides, a couple of bigger boys pushed by Biscuit to get to the top quicker. A little consoling, and Biscuit was on the go again.

Our boy is brave, but he is not tough. He'll try anything, but when it goes badly, there will most definitely be tears.

Biscuit talked and talked about how much fun he had and how he'd like to go again. And maybe if our friend wasn't too overwhelmed, he'll invite Biscuit to go again sometime.

What playdate is complete without ice cream?

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