Sunday, February 9, 2014

Hair today, gone tomorrow

A post from The Daddy Man:

I've never claimed to be trendy. As a matter of fact, except for a few long-haired years in college, I've had the same hairstyle since I was a kid.

Biscuit's first hair cut was with Kimmy's stylist. She wanted it to be a big deal, and it was. We got the lock of hair from the first snip, and the stylist wouldn't let us pay her. She said she was honored that we asked her.

Kimmy wanted to keep taking Biscuit to see her, but it was just too hard to make appointments and get Biscuit there. So I suggested we try one of the walk-in places. I know they don't always give the most stellar cuts there, but it was cheap and convenient. We found one stylist we liked and whenever possible, we'd go see her. We stuck with her for a couple of years.

A couple of months ago, Biscuit was in need of a haircut, and I, too, was looking shaggy. So I decided to take him with me to my barber shop. My barber shop is a barber shop. It's old men, shaving cream, straight razors, chrome and vinyl chairs and TVs featuring that day's game. There's talk of sports, cars and all things male. No appointments. First-come, first-served. And unless you ask for something different, you'll get a shorter version of the hairstyle you came in with.

Kimmy was worried when I called her on the way home from that first trip with Biscuit.

"How short is it?" she asked. She likes it when Biscuit's hair is a little longer.

"It's cut like mine," I told her.

"NO!" she said. She always thinks I get my hair cut too short.

I was teasing her just a little bit because I had told my barber to leave Biscuit's hair a little longer than mine. When we got home, Kimmy wasn't overjoyed, but she said it wasn't something she felt strongly enough about to raise a fuss.

So that's been our routine for the past few months.

It's becoming routine for Biscuit, too. You know how I know that?

Biscuit hopped up in the chair Saturday morning and said to the barber, "I'll have the same haircut my Dad got."

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