Saturday, February 15, 2014

Out of the mouth of my babe

A few things Biscuit has said recently: 

All in the timing: I put a frozen pizza in the oven this evening and set the timer. While it was cooking, Biscuit and I were playing with his knights. It was time for a jousting tournament. 

I started to smell the pizza and second-guessed myself about whether I had started a timer.

"Biscuit, can you run into the kitchen and tell me the numbers on the little screen beside the stove knobs?" I asked.

When Biscuit is wearing socks and no shoes, for some reason, he runs on his tiptoes. You've heard people talk about the pitter-patter of little feet? That's what it sounds like.

So he pitter-pattered into the kitchen, but before he could read the numbers, the timer went off.

"Nevermind. I got my answer," I said.

"Mom, the answer is YES!" Biscuit said.

Guess he was more excited about frozen pizza than I was.

Nekkid boy: Biscuit was getting ready for a bath, so he started stripping.

"Mom! I took my socks off, so I'm barefooted," Biscuit said.

So of course I had to tease him. "Boy! You better put some socks on those feet!"

"Oh Mooo-ooom," Biscuit said in a sing-songy voice. "I took my pants ooooooffff. Now I'm bare-pant-ed."

I wanted to keep teasing him, but I was laughing too hard.

And nowadays, when Biscuit realizes I'm laughing at him, he just looks at me and says, "What? What, Mom? What?"

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