Sunday, February 23, 2014

Party wishes

We went to another birthday party this weekend. Thankfully, this one was at the birthday boy's home. Unlike last weekend's adventure, there were no bells, whistles, blaring music or loud video game noises. This one was just like I like them - kids laughing and squealing over treats and party favors.

This weekend's birthday boy is just four months younger than Biscuit. So his Mom and I got to share several months of pregnancy, and Jeff and the boy's Dad went to Daddy Boot Camp class together.

And yes, there is such a thing.

Daddy Boot Camp is a crash course in helping new dads figure out what to do with their newborns. The teachers show them how to pick up and hold the baby, how to change a diaper, how to feed the baby if you're using a bottle and more. They even encouraged the dads to have their own diaper bags and told them what to put in them. A dad who had completed the course a year earlier, dumped out his diaper bag to show the soon-to-be dads what he carried in his own bag.

While the guys were in their class, the birthday boy's Mom and I went shopping. We walked. A lot! As a matter of fact, that night was when I went into labor with Biscuit. So I've always told her that she's the one who sent me into early labor with all that walking we did!

Anyway, the party was fun, and we hung around for a while after everyone else left.

Biscuit and the birthday boy get along really well, so we just let them play in the boy's room while we adults sat around chatting. We like this other couple a lot, and with their son being so close to Biscuit's age, it's fun to compare notes with them.

If it were my birthday, I'd wish for way more parties like this one and way fewer at that loud place!

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jbr said...

(*Calling Chuck E. Cheese to cancel reservation for your birthday party there.*)