Thursday, February 6, 2014

Girls are dumb!

I had dinner tonight with three ladies I used to work with. The four of us were a great team. We looked out for each other, and we always helped each other. When jobs were reorganized in the newsroom, our team was broken up. I miss them very much, so it was good to catch up with them this evening.

Jeff and Biscuit were on their own, so they went out for dinner, too. I'm guessing they went to a fast food place because Biscuit shared a tale from the play area.

Jeff sent me a text message at dinner to tell me about the drama. Apparently, Biscuit went into the play area, but shortly thereafter, he came back out to Jeff.

"Dad, can I tell those other kids that it's not fair to keep me out of the ladybug?" Biscuit said. "They say it's girls only, but it's not. I was in there last time. It's not fair."

When I got home, I asked Biscuit about it. He told me the same story. Then I asked him what happened next.

"Well, that one girl left, then I went in and played with the other girls," he said. "They were nice, and we pretended we were all animals, not people."

And thus endeth the lesson ... some girls are nice, but some girls are dumb!

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