Monday, February 24, 2014

Musical composition

Biscuit created his first musical composition at his piano lesson this evening. But don't get all excited. He's no Mozart ... yet!

Last week, Biscuit's teacher said he felt Biscuit was ready to learn notes. Nowadays, teachers start younger kids out playing by numbers. And that's what Biscuit has been doing so far, well, until his last lesson. So during his practices this past week, he and I did note drills. I would tell him to play an E, and he would. I would tell him to play a G, and he would. He really got the hang of it.

So at Biscuit's lesson this evening, his teacher explained to him that to write songs, you take the notes you have available and put them in some kind of order. And that is called a melody. Music notes go A-G, then start over again, so the teacher handed Biscuit two sets of letters (almost two sets, the red F was missing) and told him to write a song.

Here's Biscuit's song:

So while looking at the letters he arranged, Biscuit went to the piano keyboard and played the melody he created.

Biscuit's teacher got a kick out of what Biscuit came up with because it's very orderly. (Hmm. I can't imagine where he got that!) Not only did he make a pattern of repeating the notes, if you look, all the letters are red/blue, red/blue, red/blue. 

And as you can see, the lack of a red F didn't throw him because there were three red crayons in the box that were conveniently shifted into the shape he needed.

It's been fun watching Biscuit learn this stuff because it's such a sense of discovery for him. And it's been fun watching the teacher, too. He really seems to enjoy it when Biscuit latches on to something he's trying to teach.

I hope they both keep enjoying these lessons.

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