Friday, February 7, 2014

Telling tales

Biscuit loves to hear stories about when he was younger - things he said, things he did, etc. And after you tell him, he remembers the stories. And then, at random times, for no good reason, he'll say, "Mom, remember when ..."

  • Like one time during a bad thunderstorm. It was the middle of the night, and I was worried that Biscuit might be scared. So I went to the bottom of the stairs and called him several times. He never said anything back, so I walked upstairs to check on him. He was sound asleep. A huge crack of thunder rattled the house, but Biscuit didn't even twitch.
  • Biscuit has always been good in the car. He rides well, and he always finds ways to amuse himself. While playing firefighter, he decided that overpasses were not overpasses, they were "tunnels of fire." So every time we got to an overpass, I would have to say, "Tunnel of fire! Everybody duck!" (I had to say it because I was always the captain ... as it should be!). So we would duck until we were past the overpass. Then I would have to say, "All clear!" and we would raise our heads again. So during one trip, Jeff and I were talking, and I interrupted my own story to say, "Tunnel of fire! Everybody duck!" And we ducked our heads. "All clear!" I said. Just then, I looked in the rear view mirror, and Biscuit was fast asleep.
  • When Biscuit was a little baby, he had this really intense stare. And quite honestly, it would often creep me out. He would just stare without blinking and without changing his facial expression. I would try to distract him or make noises or get Jeff to call his name, but nothing could distract him. He just kept his eyes on my eyes.

Biscuit gets great joy out of repeating these stories. There are some others, but these three are his favorites. And he just laughs and laughs when he tells them. He usually will end the story with something like, "Mom, I was just CRAZY when I was a little baby."
It makes me long for the days when I can tell him lots more stories about himself and others. Of course, some might have to wait until he's about 10!

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