Thursday, January 30, 2014

Play time in the snow

While I was at work yesterday, I kept seeing pictures of my friends and their kids playing in the snow.

"I'm so jealous of the people who got to stay home with their kids today," I told my boss. "By the time we get home, it will be too dark to play."

I figured my boss would sympathize, but you know what she said?

"Well why don't you leave early today and go play in the snow?" she said.

"Because it's Stupid Website Day," I told her. Every Wednesday, I have to put all the stories, photos, fact boxes and videos on the paper's website. And it's a tedious, time-sucking job.

"Can't you access the Stupid Website at home?" she asked.

"As a matter of fact I can," I told her.

So I copied all my stories onto a flash drive, grabbed Jeff and headed out to get Biscuit.

We got home about 5 p.m. We got Biscuit dressed in his snow clothes and went out into the backyard. He and Jeff threw snowballs and chased each other all over the yard. Luckily, since I was holding my cellphone camera and my regular camera, they couldn't throw any snowballs at me.

We stayed out for about an hour. Biscuit wanted to stay longer, but his cheeks were turning red and he was having some runny nose issues.

We wanted to take Jeff's parents out to dinner, so after we played, we came in and warmed up, then went to eat. As we were leaving, Biscuit was pretty whiny. He's not usually a whiny kid (thank goodness), but I realized that he tired himself out playing. During dinner, he actually laid his head on my shoulder while he chewed.

But he was tired for a good reason. He really enjoyed himself.

Here are some pictures of Jeff and Biscuit playing:

Biscuit's snow bib is a size 2T. I was thinking there
was no way it would fit. But it did! Well, it fit through his
body. The legs were about 3 inches too short. But we
tucked the legs into his boots, and he was good to go.

Since snow is rare for us, we don't have any snow toys. But Biscuit
was fine with one of my big kitchen spoons and a plastic bowl.

These leaves made "spoonfuls" of snow.

That stuck-out tongue helps him run faster. It also causes terribly chapped lips!

It sure was a pretty blue sky to have snow lying around.

I love the red nandina berries in the snow.

Maybe they should let Biscuit be in charge of clearing the roads around here.


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