Friday, January 10, 2014

Resident Picasso

Biscuit's day care had an art show this evening. They took pictures and paintings and creations from all the kids and displayed them all in one room, like a gallery. They even printed out fancy frames to make the art look really important.

Here's Biscuit's artwork:

Biscuit said his picture was of exploding fireworks. Can you see it?

We had some errands to run after the art show, so we stopped by a local deli for some dinner. This should not surprise me at all, but Biscuit rarely orders food or drink without added commentary. He asked for milk to drink and promptly told the server that "milk has logs of protein and will make me very strong," complete with a show of his muscles. Biscuit also asked for a hamburger and fries, and boy did he get some fries!

Check out this one:

THAT, my friends, is a tater!

1 comment:

jbr said...

So how much did his masterpiece sell for? Can you retire?

Put it on eBay. See what happens.