Thursday, August 1, 2013

Car show ... hopefully

We haven't done any car shows this year. The weather has been so unpredictable, and work has taken up so much extra time for Jeff and me both, that we just haven't had a chance to get out to shows.

But barring all catastrophes, we're hoping to be at an annual show on Aug. 10. It's sponsored by a Chevy club, but we'll set that aside because it's such a nice show. So keep your fingers crossed that the weather and work will both cooperate to make this happen.

Last year at that particular car show is when I took the picture that's at the top of the blog. It started pouring rain, and Biscuit and I ducked under the awning of a building near where we were parked. Biscuit was getting antsy, so I started taking silly pictures of him. To get the shot at the top of the blog, I turned my camera around and snapped the photo without even looking at Biscuit. Of course I probably couldn't have gotten a photo that good if I had been trying!

Because the Barracuda has old-style seatbelts, Biscuit's car seat won't work in it. So Jeff drives the Barracuda, and Biscuit and I take my car and meet him there. I try to time it so we don't spend quite the whole day there because there isn't a ton of stuff for kids to do. And it's a looooong day, usually from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The best part is after the show is over, they open the back gate to the park, and all the cars file out. It's like a parade. There's a long straightaway that leads back to the main road, and as the hot rods are leaving, they all do burnouts and go screaming down the road. That's the part I love best.

This will be Biscuit's fourth year at the Chevy club show.

Here's a picture of Biscuit in 2010, his first year at the show:

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