Monday, August 19, 2013

Grandmama's birthday

Biscuit and I had a nice trip to my parents' house this weekend. Mama's birthday is this week, so we went down for an early celebration.

It seems like we crammed a lot of stuff into our weekend, but it was worth it.

I thought Biscuit and I would be driving in the rain, but it seems more like we followed the rain all the way there. Just as we got off the interstate, we saw a rainbow. We followed it for about an hour. Needless to say, a rainbow is WAY better than driving in the rain.

When we got to my parents' house, one of my Daddy's friends were there to play music. He comes over most Friday nights, and he and Daddy sing and play guitars. I've known Daddy's friend since I was 3, and Biscuit knows him now, too, so when we walked in, we just joined in with the music. They play songs Biscuit knows ("You Are My Sunshine" and "This Little Light of Mine"), and they play a lot of old songs that I remember from when I was a kid and some gospel stuff.

Saturday morning, Biscuit and I gave Mama a couple of presents. Biscuit took a liking to the netting I used as a bow on the gift.

Then Biscuit told Grandmama that she should make her bow into a mask like his Ninja Turtle mask. So she did.

Serious turtle warriors.
I like smiling turtles better.

Mama and I went on a date, just the two of us. I dropped Biscuit off at my brother's house, so he could play with his cousins.

Mama is still recovering from back surgery, so I knew she wouldn't be able to do too much. We went to one department store (where thanks to Mama's relationship with the clerk, I got a pair of pants, a work shirt and a tank top for $27!). Then we had lunch. It was nice to get her out of the house, especially with just the two of us.

We went back to my brother's house and hung out for the rest of the evening. It was nice having everybody together. Well, everybody but Jeff. My Mama gives him grief every year. The golf tournament he covered Monday through Sunday of this past week always falls the weekend before Mama's birthday. She teases him about liking golf more than he likes her.

After Sunday lunch (or Sunday dinner as I grew up calling it), we had cake for Mama. Her favorite is a lemon cake I make with a tart lemon glaze.

There was some more music, some card games, some general hanging out and some fishing that took place Sunday afternoon. Biscuit enjoyed watching Papa pull a fish out of the pond.

Biscuit and I were 10 minutes into our 2 1/2-hour trip before he was sound asleep. He woke up about 20 minutes from home and couldn't wait to see his Dad.

Sadly, Jeff was still working when we got home. Poor Biscuit. He was so sad.

It wasn't too long before Jeff got home, though, and then Biscuit was happy again.

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