Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Good and bad at the car show

We made it to the car show Saturday, and it was a good vs. bad day.

Good: My brother, his wife, my two nieces and my nephew came up for the car show.

Bad: They were only able to come for the day instead of coming for the whole weekend (which was what I was hoping would happen).

Good: There were some really nice cars at the show.

Bad: Instead of having the show on the pretty, scenic end of the park like they have in previous years, they moved it to the large parking lot on the other end, which made it just like all the other car shows. The cool thing about the show has always been that you could enjoy the park and the show at the same time. But this year, it was on a hot, asphalt parking lot. And the temperature was in the 90s.

Good: We packed a picnic lunch, and Jeff's parking spot was right beside a shady median with a picnic table.

Bad: That picnic table was about 1/2 a mile from where we had to leave our car (which held the large cooler with the extra bottles of water). Because all the car show cars were taking up the spaces in the parking lot, we had to park and walk ... A LONG WAY!!

Good: Jeff won third place.

Bad: He should've won second, and the awards ceremony was in direct sunlight, so my face got sunburned.

Good: They gave out the awards an hour earlier than they had originally scheduled.

Bad: The reason they gave out the awards early is that they were watching the weather radar and spotted a big storm heading our way.

Good: We quickly got our ducks in a row and were ready to head home.

Bad: The storm came in quicker than we thought it would, and the heavens opened to pour rain onto all the beautiful cars, including Jeff's leaky convertible (and Jeff wasn't the only one, there were a ton of old convertibles at the show).

Good: Everyone made it back to our house safely, and unlike a poor mid-70s Corvette, a double canopy tent did not turn over directly onto our Barracuda.

Bad: Jeff, my brother and my nephew spent a good while towel-drying the car in our garage.

Good: The cousins all played very well together, and it was nice to visit with my brother and sister-in-law.

Bad: Poor Biscuit did not deal well with them leaving. Luckily, because he didn't get a nap that afternoon, he was worn out and ready for bed not long after they left.

Jeff picks up his trophy.

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