Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Small talk, literally

Biscuit got a cool fire truck for his last birthday. It came with small several firefighters with very large boots and teeny, tiny, wee, little fire tools, including axes, megaphones and walkie-talkies.

We were at the store the other night, and I saw a pack of extra firefighters - complete with two fire dogs - and several tools marked down to $1.78. They must be discontinuing them or something. I showed them to Biscuit, and he said, "WHOA! Those are really cool." Then he handed them back to me.

Biscuit has fallen into that little kid trap of walking through the toy department saying things like, "I wish I had ..." or "I want ..." It's really annoying, and we've had several discussions about it.

On our trip the other day, I had told him that he could look through the toys, but we weren't buying anything. So I was very impressed with him not asking for those firefighters.

"Hey, I forgot about the money that Grandma sent you last week," I told him. "Do you want to spend some of it on these firefighters?"

"We can do that?" Biscuit asked.

"Yep, we sure can," I told him. Of course, I had already put the money from Grandma away to go into his savings account, but Biscuit didn't have to know that.

Anyway, Biscuit and I were playing with the firefighters and their tools, and I was handed the walkie-talkie below.

Here's how our conversation went:

"Chief, come in chief," Biscuit's firefighter said.

"This is the chief," I said into the radio that's smaller than my thumbnail.

"Mom, you forgot to say 'inside out' when you were done talking on the radio," Biscuit said.

And then he got mad at me because I laughed at him.

"Why are you laughing, Mom?" he asked, quite exasperated.

"I just thought of something funny," I said.

"No, you didn't," Biscuit said. "You're laughing at me."

"Okay fine," I said. "I AM laughing at you. You said, 'inside out' instead of 'over and out,' and it was funny."

"I did?" Biscuit said. Then he started laughing, too.

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