Friday, August 2, 2013

First Friday

On the first Friday of each month, all the downtown shops, galleries, restaurants and other businesses stay open late and have special events, like artists, musicians and special food items.

I've been wanting to go for a long time, but we just never had the first Friday free ... until tonight. We had dinner with a couple of friends, then walked down to the park.

We have a really nice park right in the middle of downtown. It has really cool fountains and several pathways around the area. There's a stage, a big grassy area and benches around the perimeter. There are some sculptures and stone engravings around the park, too. It's just a fun place to hang out.

Tonight, there were a couple of bands playing music, with a belly dance troupe performing in between the music acts.

When Biscuit saw the dancers, he said, "Mom, where are those dancers from?"

"They're from here," I told him. Then I realized that he was probably asking because of their traditional Middle Eastern costumes. "Are you asking because of their outfits?"

"Yes ma'am," Biscuit said.

"Well, people do wear those outfits in some other countries, but the dancers are wearing them here because that's what belly dancers wear," I explained to him. That seemed to satisfy him.

I worry about Biscuit being an only child sometimes when I see brothers and cousins playing together. But Biscuit is very outgoing and won't hesitate to ask kids if he can play with them. I hope he stays that way.

But the heartbreaking part, and the part that's hardest for me to see, is that sometimes the other kids shoot him down. They say they don't want to play with him. Or even worse, they'll say something rude to him. Despite the fact that I want to kick their little butts for being rude to him, Biscuit doesn't seem to be bothered by it at all.

He found several kids to run under the fountains with, and then he found a little boy to play tag with on the big grassy area. So tonight, he was successful more than he was shot down, which always makes for a good time.

Check out my ghost baby. See those eyes?!

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