Thursday, August 29, 2013

Last game of the season

Tonight was the last home game for the minor league baseball team in town. I knew Jeff would have to cover the game, so I was planning for Biscuit and me to stay home.

But a friend of mine sent me a text message saying she had an extra ticket and wanted to know if I wanted it.

Well I couldn't turn down a free ticket!

Biscuit will get in free until he turns 5, so this was the last season before we have to pay for his admittance. And tonight was Thirsty Thursday, so all drinks are $1.

All in all, we had a fairly cheap trip to the ballpark. And although they usually only have fireworks after the games on Friday and Saturday, since tonight was the last game, they had a nice season-finale show.

Here are some pictures of Biscuit:

Biscuit giggled every time the spray from the water feature would hit him.

Some little boy is sad because the season is over.

Biscuit loves to watch fireworks, but he hates
listening to them. He covers his ears every time.

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