Monday, August 26, 2013

Out of the mouth of my babe

A few things Biscuit has said recently:

Checking in: I realized the yesterday that I need to be more careful about the TV channel before I leave the room.

Biscuit was playing in the living room, and I was flipping channels on the TV. I walked into the kitchen to get something to drink, and as I was walking back, Biscuit said, "Mom, come quick. You gotta see this."

I walked in as a TV reporter was talking about a wildfire in California.

"Mom, that man said the forest is on fire in California, and it's really big," Biscuit said.

"Yeah, wildfires happen sometimes, but we're a really long way from California, so we're safe," I said, thinking he was worried that it was near us. 

"But Mom, are any of my people near California?" Biscuit asked.

"You have a great-uncle and some distant cousins in California, but they're not near the fire," I told him.

That seemed to satisfy him, but next time, I'll make sure the TV is on a different channel.

Field trip: "All these guys are going on a field trip," Biscuit said, while he was lining up some of his action figures.

"Where are they going?" I asked.

"Um, China," Biscuit said. "They're going to ride in the back of this dump truck all the way to China. They all got packed up, and they're bringing their hats because you can bring your hats to China, but only pretend China."

"So they're going to pretend China?" I asked him.

"Mom, they can't go to REAL China," Biscuit said.

Well of course not. How could I even question such a thing?

Toilet tunes: There are many stories I could share about funny - really funny - things that have happened with Biscuit in the bathroom. But I'm afraid they'll embarrass him later.

But every once in a while, I just can't help it.

This morning, Biscuit was in the bathroom taking care of business, and as he often does, he started singing. This is what we heard ...

"Love is a burning thing
And it makes a fiery ring
Bound by wild desire

I fell into a ring of fire"

He was singing Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" out loud and proud.

He sings along with the song whenever we play it, but this was just him, singing his little heart out. And whether it was from the bathroom or not, Jeff and I just sat, listened and enjoyed.

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