Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Capturing memories

I finally broke down and got a smartphone. I've had been fighting it for years, but I caved in early June and upgraded. 

The phone part hasn't been that different, but I've really enjoyed the camera and video camera, especially how easy it is to send photos and videos to other people.

I've enjoyed being able to take spur-of-the-moment photos of Biscuit, like the one below.

Or Jeff wearing a combo moose hat and scarf.

Or Jeff wearing a Moon Pie hat (can you tell that Jeff has a thing for hats?!)

So when we were at the beach this weekend, I really enjoyed using the phone's features.

Like when I happened upon a fiddler crab on the beach. He would crawl out of his hole, see me, then fly right back into his hole. He did it three times before I remembered that I had a phone in my pocket that would shoot video.

The video is only 9 seconds long, and I guess he didn't want to be on film because after I caught him on tape one time, he didn't come back out.

Then the next morning, I was up just after sunrise and caught some pelicans gliding across the water. It's amazing to me how close they are to the water, yet I've never seen one get caught by a wave.

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